Copper Kettle was established some years ago by Howard Watling, as a sister company to his coffee shop, the Copper Kettle, which he successfully ran with his wife Moira
for 15 years. They have now closed the Coffee Shop, which was described in “Essex Teashop Walks” as “one of the best in Essex”, to concentrate on selling coffee and coffee machines and are still based in
Howard Watling
Howard Watling - Owner
"All coffee is roasted (ground if required) and packed to order to ensure maximum freshness. We offer a money back guarantee
of quality."
"We are a small business but intend to grow, by giving the best possible service to our clients, which include offices, coffee shops, restaurants and clubs. Because we ran our own coffee shop for 15 years, we have practical experience to share with you."

"We do not sell “cheap” coffee, but we do sell excellent coffee very competitively. We buy direct, from a well-respected coffee roaster whose family has been in the business for 3 generations. We buy at the best prices and
pass our savings on to our customers."