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Q) Which is the best coffee?

A) The one you like best! Just because a coffee is expensive does not mean you will like it more or less than another. It is entirely a matter of your personal palate.

Q) Are high roast coffees stronger than medium roast coffees?

A) They are separate things. Some beans will have more "depth" of flavour than others. The more a coffee is roasted the more burnt it will taste. In general high roast coffees are more suitable for Espresso Coffee, but some people enjoy them made by the filter method. (See our Tasting Notes.)

Q) Do you sell to customers outside UK Mainland?

A) Our prices are for U.K. Mainland delivery only. Contact Us for a special quotation if you are outside this area.

Q) What plugs do your machines work with?

A) The majority work with a 13 Amp plug. Use the Contact Us form for any specific enquiries about a machines technical details.