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Coffee terminology can be confusing so here is a handy guide:

in Spain : A single espresso, black and strong, served using a full measure of coffee in a “Demi Tasse” (1/2 size cup); drunk with or without sugar.

“DOPPIO” or "ESPRESSO GRANDE" : A double, i.e. 2 espressos in a normal size cup.

“MACCHIATO” or “Cortijo” in Spain : A cup of Espresso "marked" with a spoonful of the foam from steamed milk. Served in a demi-tasse cup.

“ROMANO” : Espresso served with a slice of lemon on the side.

“RISTRETTO” : A restricted or short espresso, made with one shot of coffee, but with less water for an even more concentrated drink. Often drunk with a glass of water on the continent.

"COFFEE WITH MILK" in England, or “cafe con leche” in Spain : Any sort of coffee, with cold milk, which should be served separately, so the customer can add the amount required to personal taste. If hot milk is preferred, it should be available.